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Walk-and-talk therapy in France

Originally from Canada, I have lived in New Zealand, the US, the UK, Morocco, and now France. My own experiences living abroad have taught me that moving away from your homeland to a new country brings a unique set of difficulties and a complex mix of emotions. 


Whatever your own experiences are, I'm here to listen. 




Online meaning-focused therapy

Life transitions--such as relationship breakup, the death of a loved one, retirement, or changing jobs--and other challenges often make us more aware of our fragility and impermanence as human beings. They might also make us question the way we are living our life. Depending on your own situation, such reflection could provoke feelings of regret or guilt, excitement or motivation. 

Whether you are facing one such life transition, or you are experiencing a vague or general feeling of unease and dissatisfaction with life, I can offer you my listening presence and a safe environment for exploring your current experience. As an existential psychotherapist, my aim is not to solve your problems or ameliorate your difficulties, but to support you as you experience them.


This relationship is unique from any relationship you've ever had. Unlike talking with a friend or family member, our conversation is entirely focused on you. Here you are free from judgement, from expectation, from history. Here you can laugh, cry, dream, scream. Here you have the space and time to dwell on the big questions.


My great desire is that you will live life with conscience -- a life you are proud of!

I offer walk-and-talk therapy departing from my farm. Why outside therapy? Because I love to walk and I know that spending time in nature often improves mood and diminishes anxious and depressive symptoms. The repetitive, swinging motion of walking helps you feel more at ease, and is particularly attractive for individuals who feel stifled by the idea of sitting face-to-face in a traditional therapy setting. Over time as you observe the seasonal and weather changes on the natural world around, you gain new perspectives on the life difficulties you face. 


Walking in Morocco 

Walking in nature has a habit of grounding us and making us  present to our surroundings. It draws us out of our habitual egocentric way of being and makes us feel connected. This environment is well-suited to therapeutic discussions on topics that you might face as an expat living in France, such as homesickness or questions of identity and belonging.


Walk-and-talk therapy sessions last for 50 to 60 minutes. The route and pace can be adjusted according to your physical needs, but individuals should be capable of walking over varied terrain.

"Our lives are one long effort to resist the unknown, the real present in which we live"
- Alan Watts